BRA TIPS: How To Find A Fitting Bra Online

Believe it or not, roughly 75 percent of women go through life wearing the wrong bra size or lingerie, even though it’s uncomfortable and visibly unappealing — not to mention it can contribute to neck and shoulder pain over time. If you’d like to improve your posture and appearance, a well-fitted bra is a great place to start.

First things first, understand the lay of the lingerie land. When it comes to perfectly fitted bras, there are myriad details to consider, but a look at three main components — cup size, straps and band width — are key elements to finding the perfect fit. If any of these five signs ring true to you, then visit us at Avec Amour Hong Kong Lingerie for a complimentary bra fitting to find you true size.

1. You've never been fitted...
If the last time you had a bra fitting was when you were 13 at Victoria’s Secret, it’s definitely time for a re-do. Your bra size fluctuates with your body, especially with weight changes, pregnancy or breastfeeding — and the only way you to ensure your bra fits properly is by consulting a specialist. Of course, bra sizes often vary from brand to brand, which is why we offer complimentary bra fittings at Avec Amour Hong Kong Lingerie. We want to ensure a perfect fit for your figure in every premium brand and style we stock.

2. You buy cheap bras
Just like jeans, shoes and airlines — you get what you pay for. That doesn't mean that you can’t find a great bra at a bargain store but, generally speaking, premium brands will offer the best designs, fabrics and support. Since bras are a staple in your wardrobe, it’s worth spending a little bit more on a well-fitted bra rather than endure stabbing wires and spillage for the sake of a deal. After all, it’s not a cocktail dress you’ll wear once and forget about: A quality bra can dramatically improve the way your clothes look and how you feel.

 3. Your bra looks awkward
You can usually discern an ill-fitted bra just by looking. A good rule to go by: The cups should contain your entire breast, with the wires resting on the ribcage and the middle section (called the bridge piece) should lie flat. If the cup size is too small, your breasts may spill out over the top or around your armpits, causing a lumpy look — aka quadraboob. On the other hand, your cup size is likely too large if the fabric is bunching at the top of the cup. You can tell from behind as well: if the band is riding up your back or digging into your skin, causing fat bulges, then you likely need to move up a band size. The band is crucial to a properly fitted bra, as it accounts for 80 percent of the support.

4. Your bra feels physically uncomfortable
You can also feel when a bra doesn’t fit correctly. Think about it: Does your underwire stab you? Is the band riding up your back? Do your shoulders ache? These are all telltale signs that your bra does not fit properly. If you’re tugging at tight bra straps even after adjusting them, then your bra is probably too small.

5. You fail one of these tests
An easy way to check your bras at home is with a few quick tests. The band of your bra should be just loose enough for two fingers to fit between your bra and back — no more, no less. Likewise, you should be able to slide two fingers in between your bra straps and your shoulders. Okay, now raise your arms. Do the cups ride up? Do your under and side breasts pop out? A perfectly fit bra should remain flush against the body and keep everything in place. When your bra fits, it can change the way your clothes hang, make you look thinner and even improve your posture. At Avec Amour Hong Kong Bra shop, we offer complimentary bra fittings before any purchase to ensure you’re taking home the perfect bra for your body.