BRA TIPS: How to find the right Bra for Blessed Bigger Bust

Fear not, the specialists at Avec Amour have a few handy tips to help you find the right fit for your blessed bigger bust!

First things first, support is key if not paramount.
Having a fuller bust means you need good, comfortable support, the last thing you want is to have pain from your shoulders to your lower back so pick a bra with a wide band. This will not only provide ample support, it will make you feel secure, comfortable and uber confident. 

Avoid the dainty one-hook bands – they look cute but will not support your plus size bust.

One Hook Bands

Quality material means you have a strong and supportive bra that lasts longer than a few months. Don’t skimp out on the quality of the material for a cheaper bra, remember that bra’s are investments so choose material that is going stay firm and not loose its shape. The elastic in the band and straps should not over stretch and become loose, they should be strong, steady and maintain the overall shape of the bra.

The fit and the structure of the bra are essential for bigger busts, here is a little check list for you to go through to make sure you have the right fit.

  • If the bra is too big, the band will ride up and your bust will not be supported.
  • If the cup is too small, it will cause an unflattering overspill.
  • If the cup is too big, the middle part of the bra will dig into your chest.

You will know if the fit and structure is right for you when the breasts sit where the nipples are between the top of the shoulder and elbow.

It is trial and error as we are all different shapes and sizes and these change more than we would like them to! So what to do? Where-ever possible, go in for regular bra fittings and try on different bras so you know, feel and see what is working for you and what is not.


  • All the cute, tiny, dainty slim bras – they will not support your bust.
  • Balconnet bras may cause wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Non-wire bras will leave your bust with an odd shape and looking flat.

Go for wide band, wide straps, and full coverage underwire bras. If you want padding opt for thin padding. Full Cup Bras, Underwire Bras and Maxi Bras that have 3 parts cups have the most support.

You can op for Plunge Bras but there’s no need for a push up bra as your bust is already plentiful!

Supportive Bra For Big Bust

(example of a 3 piece cut bra to give ample support to big bust)

Having a bigger bust doesn’t mean you have to miss out on gorgeous bras that make you feel sexy and fabulous inside and out! Many brands have started collections for plus size bras and full cup bras online and in-store so it’s worth having a look around and finding the one that’s right for you.

If you are feeling a bit conscious of your larger bust, particularly in certain outfits such as button down shirts try a minimiser bra. These are great for pulling your shape together just be sure to lift and separate your bust to reveal your shape.

Need some help figuring it all out? The specialists at Avec Amour are happy to help you with a fitting and provide suggestions that not only suit your bust but your overall shape! Giving you the confidence to rock that blessed bigger bust in style! 

If you are looking for bigger cup sizes its worth investigating full cup bra’s online and finding the one that is right for you!
Avec Amour currently stocks full cup bra sizes up to DD however are planning to expand their range soon so keep checking in to see the latest collections.Complimentary fittings are available at the Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique in Central, Hong Kong, just pop in or call ahead for an appointment.


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