Everyday Essential Guide – Underwear

Buying underwear isn’t as simple as it sounds when online and most lingerie shops don’t allow you to try them on.  If you purchase panties in the wrong size or in a cheap fabric, it can lead to bulky rolls or a saggy butt – not to mention discomfort all day too. No matter what’s causing your underwear issues, not to worry: it’s a common problem with a straight-forward solution.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your underwear doesn’t fit correctly. For example, if your underwear if too small, you will likely feel the seams digging into your sides, often resulting in a bulky appearance. Or perhaps your underwear is also constricting your legs, creating marks and unseemly bulges.

On the other hand, if your underwear is too big, you’ll notice excess material bunching up or sagging – which could make your backside look larger than it actually is.  And if your underwear is constantly riding up, that’s a sign it’s too loose.  Have a baggy crotch? Drop down a size.

So how can you tell if you’ve found the perfect panties for you? First of all, you shouldn’t be aware of them at all throughout the day.  Underwear should look and feel invisible.  The crotch should lay flat against your body without any drooping fabric and your booty should feel secure.

In many cases, the size might be right but the style is all wrong for your body type or lifestyle. And if you’ve seen any of the above symptoms of ill-fitting underwear, it’s high time you tried one of the myriad other designs. Your body type never has to come between you and a perfect pair of underwear.

After all underwear styles are endless – boyshorts, Brazilian briefs, string bikini, seamless, high-waisted, low-rise thongs, G-strings, full coverage… and then there is a range of shapewear (loved by the Kardashian) that hold everything in place… there’s much more out there today than the standard-issue briefs and thongs of the past. 

If you have a well-endowed backside, consider briefs or booty shorts for more support. If you wear a lot of tight fitting clothes, consider seamless briefs or thongs.

You’ll want to think about fabrics too. For example, those with sensitive skin might find nylon to be itchy or irritating. Instead, try organic undies – and you can’t go wrong with cotton. Your undergarments are against your skin all day long, and especially in Summer, be sure you’re choosing high-quality fabrics that are comfortable and breathable.

Lastly, quality equals longer lasting underwear.  Unfortunately bargain hunting will actually end up costing you more as they end up being thrown out a lot faster for stretching out of shape or simply being uncomfortable. So invest in reputable brands that you trust and your booty will appreciate it time and time again.

Need help figuring it all out?  The specialists at Avec Amour are thrilled to offer complimentary fittings at the lingerie and swimwear boutique in Central HK. We’ll you’re your measurements and help you find a style that compliments your body type. Size charts vary brand by brand, but our team knows these sought-after international brands inside and out.

It’s truly worth the tiny bit of extra effort to find underwear that fit your body and flatter your figure. Once you finally find the perfect pair, you will look firmer, slimmer all over – not to mention fell instantly more confident.