How to style lingerie as part of your outerwear

When your innerwear is too pretty to stay under wraps, here’s how you can flaunt them like a style star

There’s no doubt wearing sexy lingerie as outerwear is one of the hottest trends among celebrities and street style stars on Instagram. After all, what’s not to love about letting some of your lingerie peek out as a part of your #ootd? A glimpse of beautiful lace or intricate straps can add a touch of softness and femininity to what you are wearing and when done well, can be sexy without being overly risque.

Still, we can understand this could be a little intimidating, especially for those who have not tried this before. Just for you, here’s our style guide to copping the intimates as outerwear look, without overexposing yourself.

Show a little lace
Beginners, start here. Instead of keeping your pretty, lacy bras completely hidden away, wear tops that will show off a glimpse of the exquisite fabric. Bras that offer a little more coverage over your bust like the Edge O' Beyond Maria are a safe start and will peek out nicely under tank tops or sleeveless blouses. For those who want to show off a little more, wear lower cut camisoles or even a pretty sundress with bras that have unique details, like Bluebella's Nina, which has sexy cut-outs and lace detailing for a flirtier look.
If you prefer something sportier, tops with larger armholes are great for showing off stylish bralettes like the Bluebella Bailey. This trendy velvet bralette has delicate eyelash lace details that will contrast perfectly with a sporty outerwear.

Wear “body jewellery”
When you get bored of sticking to classic jewellery like earrings or bangles, body jewellery is the latest trend that adds an edge to an outfit. Instead of buying separate pieces of body jewellery, you can let your bras double up as accessories too. Pick bras with interesting straps and harness fastenings around the neckline and you can wear them under shirts and blouses so they look like chokers or harness jewellery.

With a gold tone hardware fastening at the collarbone, the Bluebella Addison bra’s classic choker look will never go out of style. Other subtle piecee include the Bracli Vienna, which has delicate cross straps across the chest while the Maison Close Chambre Noire has a halter strap.

We love the Bracli Begos Pearl bra which features a double pearl halter neck strap that looks like you are wearing ladylike pearls as body jewellery. Or, to rock a tough chick look, check out Bluebella's Petra bra which has multi-directional straps for a caged look. For maximum effect, were this under - or over - a cropped top.

Flaunt your sexy back
It’s time to ditch those old bras with thick granny bands that feel super tight around your chest. And while you’re at it, don’t bother fiddling with nipple pasties. Instead, the next time you wear a low-back top, dress or romper, pick a designer bra that’s made with intricate straps on the back and show them off with pride. 

Both the Thistle & Spire Mullberry and Atelier Amour Irresistible Attraction Triangle bras have minimalist back straps for those who feel that less is more. Or check out Atelier Amour's Irresistible Attraction Shadow which features exquisite lace over the shoulder blades, a gorgeous piece to wear with a scoop back.

Layer creatively
Now that you’ve mastered the basics of wearing your underwear as outerwear, don’t be afraid to experiment further with layering lingerie with your other clothes! Think sheer outerwear, wearing bras on top of your clothes or even as a top on its own. With scalloped lace detailing, studded straps and fishnet mesh, the Pleasure State Kinoko Kinbaku is a stylish piece to wear underneath trendy sheer tops or oversized knits. For a very strong look, wear a bra like the Kisskill Nicky on top of a white shirt or t-shirt. It is a great way to add structure to an outfit but remember to accessories with plenty of confidence!
On date or ladies night, you might even consider wearing a bra as a top on its own. Pick a longline bra like the Bluebella Nyane, which has a lace underband for just a little more coverage and pair it with high waisted skirts or pants. You can easily throw on a boxy jacket over your bra if you’re feeling a little exposed and you are good to go. The sky’s the limit, so be creative! 

Now that you’ve mastered the art of showing off your lingerie as part of your outfit, it sure makes it so much more fun to add even more gorgeous underthings to your wardrobe, doesn’t it? It’s time to shop away!

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