Bed Restraint Strap

USD $98

Turn the bedroom into a fancy S&M space
Heat the atmosphere up straightway
Get on a whole new fun and playful journey
High-quality alloy with preferred safe nylon straps
Solid and resilient, black and gold, simple but beautiful
Interesting pattern on the original and unique woven label.
Easier to operate than traditional straps as there’s no need to lift the mattress.
Operable by single person. Get on the journey by yourself when you couldn't wait up.

How to use:
Unfold the strap, distinguish the front and back, lift one end of the mattress (the product is suitable for 1.8m wide mattress) and place the strap under;
Put both ends of the strap on the right angles of the mattress and press it to make the two ends smooth and symmetrical;
One pair is either for hands or feet. Please buy two pairs if both hands and feet are needed at the same time.
Adjust the length through the metal buckle to achieve the ideal state;

Strap:100% Polyester
Parts: Alloy

Width of strap: 1.97 inches
Cuffs adjustable: 5.51-9.45 inches
Apply to size of bed:
Thickness:5.9-11.81 inches

For the health and safety of our customers, this item is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

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