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4 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life: Our Daring (But Not Dirty) Guide

4 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life: Our Daring (But Not Dirty) Guide - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

The weather outside might be getting frightful, which is exactly why it’s time to heat things with 4 ways to spice up your sex life and bring a little bit of sensual action in the bedroom! 


Everybody knows one of the keys to having a healthy and strong relationship with your other half is by cultivating a great sex life. But even the most passionate among us might sometimes find it challenge to keep the sparks flying, especially when work stress, family commitments and other obstacles stand in the way. As the year draws to a close, it is time to get reconnected. Here are some creatively naughty - but not dirty - suggestions from us to keep the flames burning. Happy holidays!

A little soft bondage never hurts
You may not be ready to reenact everything from 50 Shades of Grey yet, but using some accessories will certainly get you feeling frisky in a hot minute. Start easy with some beautiful cuffs such as these Bijoux Indiscrets Desir Metallique Mesh Cuffs or Elf Zhou’s sophisticated Monarch Cuffs. They can be separated, so you can wear them out during date night as jewellery too. We promise he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. What you do in the bedroom after that… is entirely up to you!

Make it kinky
When you want to take things up a notch, pick out bondage accessories that make a bold statement, such as the Unite O-ring Choker. They’re designed to be worn out too if your dare, but even if you’d rather use them only in the bedroom, they are certain to get pulses racing.

Don’t shy away from S&M
When you try this out with the right person, this will be all pleasure (and very little pain). A classic accessory to use are whips and paddles. Elf Zhou has an elegantly designed collection of bedroom accessories including the Split Tawse Paddle which features three layers of leather for a distinctive sound effect. We also love Fifty Shades of Grey saucy Please Sir Flogger. If you’d like to act out a fantasy role, use Elf Zhou’s Bridge Cuff Set, to immediately transform it for your role playing purposes.

The Billionaire Vibrator - Smile Makers Collection

Share a sex toy
Bedroom toys such as intimate massagers aren’t just for solo play. They are actually great props to have when you want to dial up the heat. Check out Smile Makers’ The Billionaire Versatile Vibrator, an award-winning external vibrator which has a uniquely designed flat-edged tip to massage erogenous zones such as the clitoris or the breasts. Whether you intend to use it on each other or on yourself, your imagination’s the limit. See the full range of Smile Makers' vibrators here.

The sky’s the limit when it’s time to get physical and naughty in the bedroom. Whatever accessories you might need, we’ve got you covered, so go ahead and shop to your heart’s desire at Avec Amour Online Lingerie Boutique.



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