How to Get the Right Lingerie Fit When Online Shopping: 5 Helpful Tips

How to Get the Right Lingerie Fit When Online Shopping: 5 Helpful Tips - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

It may be overwhelming trying to figure out how to get the right lingerie fit when online shopping. We created a list of 5 tips to follow so that your lingerie always fit perfectly when buying from a website. 

From the convenience of shopping at all hours to deliveries right to your doorstep, there’s plenty to love about online shopping. But there are still shoppers who are hesitant to buy lingerie online because they’re worried about getting the right fit. Well, it actually isn’t as difficult as it seems, once you’ve figured out a few handy online shopping techniques. 


1. Start with a small order
If you feel you are in between sizes, start with a small order just to guarantee you’ve picked the right size. You can consider buying just one piece from a few different lingerie brands so that when you try your new underthings on, you’ll be able to find out right away which brand’s sizing and cut suits you best. Then, you’re all set to order in bulk and stock up your lingerie wardrobe with sexy new intimates!

2. When gifting, buy pieces that come in S, M and L
If you are thinking of buying a set of exquisite lingerie as a gift to your partner, we salute you! Don’t be intimidated by cup sizes that include both numerals and alphabets like 34B or 36C. Instead, pick pieces that come in sizes S, M and L as you’re less likely to go wrong - pieces such as sexy bralettes, bodysuits and slips are often sized this way. Or, simply take a sneaky peek into her panty drawer or use her dress size as an accurate gauge.

3. Choose adjustable lingerie
Modern lingerie is often designed to be adjustable so that they fit each individual body as well as possible. Besides bra straps, look out for adjustable body straps, ribbons and lace-ups. Pieces like the Bluebella Sera Bra and just about anything by Bordelle would do the trick. Ps. Go ahead and get your special someone to help you get everything adjusted to fit. It’ll be a titillating prelude of what’s to come next -wink-

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4. Message the retailer if you need extra help
If you’re still unsure about the sizing of a particular piece that you just must own, then use the website’s messaging function to get precise details directly from the site. Reputable retailers will have an efficient messaging service like live chats, Whatsapp or respond to emails quickly to help you with any questions you might have. If they don’t reply, then you know it’s time to move on and check out another site.

5. When in doubt, size down
When it comes to sexy lingerie, it never hurts to spill out of what you’re wearing - just a little. This is why we advise shoppers to buy lingerie that’s a bit smaller if they’re not sure which size to add to their carts. After all, bigger is not always better and it is definitely less sexy. Imagine wearing baggy panties? Just. Ugh.

No matter what, don’t stress out too much even if your intimates do not fit perfectly. After all, sexy lingerie is meant to be taken off quite soon after you put them on. Besides, the less fabric there is on your lingerie, the less you need to worry about fitting! Have fun!



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