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5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence Every Morning

5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence Every Morning: Daily Routine - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Start every day on the right note with these 5 ways to boost your self-confidence each morning.

You might not realise it, but the way you feel about yourself makes a big impact on how you carry yourself, interact with others and even the first impressions you make. This is why it is important to build self-confidence from within to ensure you succeed in life. Here are five easy ways to practice self-love before you even step out of your home every morning.

1. Make your bed when you wake up

This might feel like a chore your mother forced upon you as a child, but owning this task the moment you wake up can very well set the right note for the rest of the day. After all, making your bed is the one thing that is always within your control, and spending two minutes on it will make you feel better placed to take charge of your day. Plus, it sure feels amazing to slip into a nicely made bed at night!


2. Put on something that makes you feel good

Don’t fall into the trap of saving your nice clothes for a “special occasion”. After all, we should be making the most of every day, even if it feels like a regular work day. So, make it a point to always wear something that makes you feel great. It could be a pair of high heels, a power blazer or even a well-designed and properly fitting set of sexy lingerie. Consider this armour for the modern power woman.

3. Make time for yourself

We get it, mornings are hectic. But it is possible to carve out a small pocket of me-time, whether it is a five minute meditation during your shower or seven minutes to savour your breakfast coffee. These precious minutes allow you to mentally set a positive note and get prepped for the day ahead.

4.  Play your “power” song

Get yourself raring to go by playing your own “power” song. After all, there’s nothing quite like a catchy tune with empowering lyrics and catchy hooks for that extra boost of confidence. We’re fans of anthemic tunes like Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) and Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys but go ahead and pick one that works for you. After all, if this technique is good enough for Olympians like Michael Phelps and Joseph Schooling, it’s good enough for us!

5. Spritz your signature scent

Don’t underestimate the power that scent has on lifting your mood - perfume creates an invisible aura that will stay with you through the day. To ensure your fragrance is evenly spread out without becoming overpowering, spray the perfume into the air and walk through the scented cloud. Don’t forget to breathe in the gorgeous perfume too.

Now, you’re all ready to step out and show the world just how fabulous you are. You’ve got this!



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