5 Ways to Vamp Up Your Halloween Costume with Sexy Lingerie Pieces

5 Ways to Vamp Up Your Halloween Costume with Sexy Lingerie Pieces

Make this spooky season extra spicy with 5 ways to vamp up your halloween costume with sexy lingerie. It’s easy, versatile and can end with a happy ending. 


From the sultry secretary to the vampy nurse and the seductive vampire, many women like to dress as sexily as possible during Halloween and why not!

This year, instead of buying a costume, why not vamp up your outfit with lingerie instead? There are so many reasons why lingerie is favoured over a regular “sexy” costume.

For starters, it’s super easy, just throw in some accessories and off you go!  Better yet, your lingerie can be worn again after the party while you will probably throw your costume away or keep it hidden away for many years at the back of your closet. Let’s keep it sustainable!

Lingerie is also specially designed to flatter and enhance your curves, which always is appreciated, compared to a generic costume that you buy off the Internet. It will also help you reinvent a regular costume into an ultra-sexy outfit in a jiffy, making it easy to vamp things up effortlessly.

Plus, if you are going to a Halloween party with a hot date, you can consider your lingerie costume a preview of what will happen after…. -wink- 

Here are five ideas to get your creative juices flowing for Halloween.

Halloween Costume Inspiration 2022 | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie1. Elevate a regular policewoman costume
You already have the policewoman hat. Now, instead of a generic police costume, turn up the heat with an ultra sexy Baed Stories Golden Power Bondage set which comes with a bra featuring gold chain epaulettes flowing over the shoulders, a matching belt and thongs. A pair of Miss O Glossy Hold Ups in a sexy wet look latex rubber will complete the look.

And if you would like to make things even more suggestive, accessorise with some BDSM accessories like leather handcuffs, which will totally be on theme with your costume.

Halloween Costume Inspiration 2022 | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie2. Rock an ultra-sexy version of Cleopatra
The legendary queen of Egypt was known for her beauty and allure. So this Halloween, channel her empowering spirit by showing up as Cleopatra. To get you in the mood, don this Baed Stories Cleopatra set which features delicate streaming sleeves and a soft transparent train mesh trailing in the back for a regal vibe. The straps are adjustable so you can wear this set over a skintight bodysuit like body jewellery that truly enhances your every curve. Now that’s hot.

Halloween Costume Inspiration 2022 | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie

3. Replace regular fishnet stockings with crotchless hosiery
Just about any costume will instantly look much sexier when you put on a pair of fishnet stockings. To make things even more suggestive - especially for you and your significant other, switch fishnets out to crotchless hosiery. It will be your sexy little secret between just the two of you.

Halloween Costume Inspiration 2022 | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie

4. Add BDSM accessories to the look
If there is one night that it is totally appropriate to take your sex accessories out to town with you, Halloween would be it. From chokers to whips and floggers, any of your favourite BDSM accessories would totally vamp up your costume in a jiffy. So, don’t be shy and flaunt your favourite gear with confidence - nobody will know any better!

Halloween Costume Inspiration 2022 | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie

5. A Cat or a Witch – the Easiest Costume Ever!
A sexy bodysuit or long lined bra can be easily transformed into a cat or a witch.  Add a cute black mini, cat ears and a tail and you’re complete as a Sexy Black Cat.  For a Witch, you just need a long skirt, the hat, a cape and maybe a broomstick if you want to go extra.   It really couldn’t be easier.

What other ways can you use lingerie or other sexy accessories to create a sexy Halloween costume? Browse Avec Amour for more designer lingerie ideas now.



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