Shop Atelier Amour Lingerie: Catch This French Brand at Avec Amour

Shop Atelier Amour Lingerie: Catch This French Brand at Avec Amour - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Ladies, you can now shop Atelier Amour Lingerie exclusively at Avec Amour. Master the art of seduction with our hottest Parisian lingerie brand to date. 


When it comes to the game of love, nobody does it better than the French. Flirting, teasing and yes, wearing the sexiest lingerie possible - it’s all second nature to them. That’s why we at Avec Amour are pleased to introduce Parisian lingerie brand Atelier Amour, which offers a treasure trove of playful designer lingerie that’s artfully designed for a hot date under the sheets.

From body flattering harness lingerie and open bras that offer a suggestive eyeful to knickers made to be ripped off, Atelier Amour’s range of erotic-chic underthings offer a playful twist on traditional lingerie to encourage plenty of experimentation and exploration during your romantic games.

Best of all, Atelier Amour makes one-size lingerie with elastic straps that can be easily adjusted to fit all shapes and sizes. (Bonus points if you get your partner of choice to help you out with the um, fitting.) 

Peekaboo, I see you

Take it nice and easy with Atelier Amour’s Madame Reve range comprising a bodysuit, bra and knickers, which looks demurely covered-up at first glance. Made with sheer floral lace, each piece is fastened with small hooks at strategic locations to be slowly unhooked, one by one. The scoop halter bodysuit has hooks from the neckline all the way to the back of the knickers while the bra can be opened up at the bust to reveal the nipples - or more. The briefs can be unhooked from the crotch to the back, so you can be as naughty or nice as you like. As we said, appearances can be deceiving!


Back to front tease

With flora lace and gold hardware accents, the Irresistible Attraction triangle bra and brief looks like a cute bikini set, from the front. But of course, there are secrets to be discovered too. The bra has an ingenious magnet at the front so it can be opened up effortlessly. The brief, which is also has a delicate magnet at the back, hides a cheeky little surprise - the back is made of just two elastic straps across the butt. Now that’s hot!



 Open relationship

Those who dare to bare will love the Accords et Desaccords open bra. Made with soft satin and tulle, the bra cup’s suggestive cutting leaves your assets fully on display for you and your partner’s viewing pleasure. The underwire provides support and there are clips on the shoulder straps and at the back so you can take this off whichever way you please.


Do it yourself

Take bedroom play to the next level with harness lingerie that you’ll have to assemble by yourself - or with someone special. The Insoutenable Legerete Rendez-vous Kit comprises 14 elastic satin adjustable straps of different lengths that you can attach together to create different combinations of harnesses, bras, knickers and other body accessories. There’s no limit to your imagination so create anything your heart desires. It also comes with a detailed “how to use” guide, just in case you need some inspiration. Wear this with whatever you wish, or nothing at all.

With delicate lace, soft mesh, gold detailing and branded charms, no detail is too small to be left out. Discover our curated selection sexy lingerie by Atelier Amour now.



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