How to Elevate Your Halloween Costume with Fun Accessories

So you have your costume ready, but it might still need some finishing touches. Bring your sexy Halloween costumes to life by pairing them with these spicy accessories.

How to Elevate Your Halloween Costume with Fun Accessories | Avec Amour Blog


A sure way to bump up the sexiness is to turn to some BDSM inspiration. And nothing spells bondage like a leather accessory does.

Thinking of doing Lara Croft? Try adding the Dark Secret Waist Cuff and Vegan Fetish Collar with Leash from Liebe Seele to boost the angst. 

Want something more daring? Transform into the ultimate dominatrix by wearing the PVC O-Ring Choker from Elf Zhou London and Maze H Harness from Bijoux Indiscrets. Another option would be the Lotus Harness from Bluebella if gold chains are more your style.

Still riding the Barbie wave? Pair your pink outfits with the Pink Dream Collar and Leash from Liebe Seele.

How to Elevate Your Halloween Costume with Fun Accessories | Avec Amour Blog

Add Mystery with Eye Masks

Extravagant costume parties are a staple of the Halloween season. Stay on theme by dressing up your costume with an eye mask. 

Go femme fatale with the see-through Louise vinyl mask from Bijoux Indiscrets. For a more classic approach, the Le Ravissant Les Romantiques mask from Maison Close can be paired up with any dark costume.  

Planning to take things into the bedroom? The Desire (Rouge) Unveil Me kit from Atelier Amour is a spicy option to keep the fun going after the Halloween parties. 

How to Elevate Your Halloween Costume with Fun Accessories | Avec Amour Blog

Glam with Gloves

Long Mesh Gloves

A pair of long mesh gloves adds a dainty twist to any sexy costume you wear. These gloves from Baed Stories come in black, red, and white color options.

Lacquer Gloves

Gloss makes anything fancier. This pair of Baed Stories black lacquer gloves will make any Halloween costume look sleek.

Fringe Gloves

Though this pair of fringe gloves from Baed Stories comes as part of a costume set, it can also be purchased separately. Wear it to add a touch of flowy fringe to any Halloween outfit.

Rhinestone Fishnet Gloves

Shimmer and shine make any Halloween costume look instantly more alive. Wear a pair of bedazzled gloves to bring a whimsical fairy outfit to life. You can also use it as a sparkly focal point of any princess costume. The Rhinestone Fishnet Gloves from Unleash/ed come in beige and black.

How to Elevate Your Halloween Costume with Fun Accessories | Avec Amour Blog

Keep Those Legs Warm

Turn up the heat and make your costume even hotter by wearing a pair of stockings. 

Sheer options like the Back Seam Leg/Plain Top Stockings and Diamante Back Seam Leg/Plain Top Stockings from Bluebella are good options for 1920s flapper outfits and burlesque costumes. 

An edgier choice is the Glossy Opaque Hold Up Stockings from Miss O Lingerie. You can wear it with black pumps to mimic a pair of boots or as is inside the bedroom.

Stand Out with Simple Accessories

You’ll be in for a Halloween to remember once you’ve found the perfect combination of accessories to go with your sexy outfit. Easily dress up or dress down your costume with our selection of fun leather accessories. Whether it’s something as subtle as a sheer eye mask or an ultra-daring set of leather cuffs, your accessories will surely elevate your Halloween costume.

Have fun and embrace your bold side this spooky season! Shop now!