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How to Feel Sexy After Being a Mum in 5 Ways

How To Feel Sexy After Being A Mum - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Having kids doesn’t mean you have to leave romance at the door and that's why we've listed 5 ways on how to feel sexy after being a mum. Keep the spark going even when your home is filled with mini-mes.

We get it. It can be tough to even get in the mood for a romantic interlude with your other half once you become a mum. After all, it’s certainly not sexy to be cleaning up after young children and keeping them entertained all day long, with little time for yourself. But, fret not, all’s not lost. Every woman - and mother - wants to feel confident and to be desired by her partner. Here’s what you can do to love the skin you’re in and to feel sexy again.


Partners should put each other first
Don’t forget that the two of you have made a commitment to be numero uno in each other’s life so keep that in mind even as you work together to raise a family. So parents, continue to be each other’s top considerations. It is a good start to set aside time for a weekly date night (arrange for a babysitter if you need to) or simply taking a few minutes to chat with each other before bedtime. And while it might be easier to address each other as “mum” and “dad” in front of the kids, make it a point to call each other by your names, or even your pet names, during your private time.


Wear the right clothes
Just because your body has changed after childbirth doesn’t mean it is no longer sexy. Instead use this opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and pick out new clothes to enhance your assets. For example, low cut tops are a great way to show off your fuller boobs and sexy cleavage. You can balance that out with empire cut tops, or high-waisted full skirts, which are more forgiving on your belly.


Take time for yourself
Don’t forget to give yourself some me-time in the midst of the madness of caring for your children. Everybody, including busy mums, can certainly find a brief ten minutes for a pampering shower to keep yourself sane. Keep your bathroom door shut so the kids can’t burst in on your personal time.

Keep on making the effort
Your sexy lingerie still deserves some air time! Keep on wearing them at night to show him that you’re still a sexual being. And if you’re self-conscious about your post-baby body, try on a pretty babydoll or a plunging bra which will draw his attention to your enhanced boobs. We guarantee he won’t even notice any of your other perceived “flaws”.


Be inspired by other MILFs
We’re not just referring to celebrity mums who have plenty of help to make it appear like they’ve got it all. Instead, look around you to see how other mothers of all shapes, sizes and ages do it. They could be your friends, relatives or even mums you meet at your kids’ schools or playgroups. If they can keep on being sexy during motherhood, so can you!

Whatever you do, be sure to embrace this new chapter in your life and you’ll rediscover the sexy side to your personality!



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