How to Take Care of Your Bra Properly: Helpful Tips

How to Take Care of Your Bra: Hand and Machine Washing Tips - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Knowing how to take care of your bra will prolong its life. Follow these tips for keeping your bras in the perfect condition:

Give your bras a break
Bras that are worn daily will lose their shape and elasticity very quickly as the delicate material tends to stretch out without having a chance to return back to its original shape. Body heat, perspiration, perfumes and lotions also affect the fabric so if you do find a bra you can’t live without, buy several of them and have them on rotation.

Own your favourite bra in range of colours
One common mistake that women make is to buy nude or light toned bras to match their skin tone. However, the dye on dark or brightly coloured clothing tends to rub off onto light coloured bras, leading to staining that won’t come off in the wash. Instead of having to mourn the loss of discoloured bras, why not expand your bra collection to include a range of shades from whites and nudes to dark tones. It’s a worthwhile investment to ensure that each bra remains pristine for as long as possible.

How often should you wash your bras?
Most women wash their bras after three to five wears, but to keep the bra fresh for every wear, it is recommended to wash your bra every other time you wear it, especially during hot summer months. In cooler weather, you might be able to wear a bra a few more times before washing, especially if you do not wear too much moisturiser around the chest.

A lined or cotton bra tends to get dirtier than a sheer lace bra as the fabric absorbs perspiration, lotions and perfumes more easily, hence bras made in these fabrics need more frequent washing. If you tend to perspire more easily, do wash your bra after each wear if possible, as perspiration will stain delicate bra fabrics. 

Machine washing is possible!
Let’s be realistic. While it is recommended that you hand wash your intimates as much as possible,  who has time to always adhere to this rule? If you must machine wash, follow these expert tips for a smooth wash.

  • Hook your bras closed
  • Place them in a mesh lingerie bag or better yet, use a bra washing ball which provides more protection with its structured shape. it can fit up to three padded bras. Pick size S for A-C cups and L for D+ cups.
  • Put them on a delicate cycle with a gentle or lingerie detergent
  • Never place your delicates with heavy, soiled items as they will be destroyed
  • Always air dry your bras.

Try out these bra care tips for yourself and experience the difference it makes to the lifespan of your intimates - and the support they provide you!

This is the first of a two-part series on lingerie laundry. For more laundering tips for your intimates, click here.



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