How to Have a Healthy Married Sex Life in 4 Ways: Why It's Important

How to Have a Healthy Married Sex Life in 4 Ways: Why It's Important - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Do you want to know how to have a healthy married sex life? We’re going to say it as it is - Sex as a married couple does not have to be boring. Although it is a common belief that the passion burns out after a couple has been together for a long time, that does not have to apply to you.

After all, as with many things in life, practice makes perfect and that is exactly the case with sex. The more time you’ve had to discover each other’s turn ons, fantasies, likes and dislikes, the better the sex will be!

However, marriage does also come with responsibilities like chores, work, mortgages and other commitments, which may make it hard to find romance in daily life. But instead of neglecting your sex life to overcome these relationship problems, make it one of the priorities in your life.


Experts say that the intimacy of sex helps to strengthen the bonds in a relationship, which will go a long way in keeping both parties happy in a marriage. Plus, there are many health benefits to being active in the bedroom, such as reducing stress levels, promoting better sleep and even improving one’s immune system. There are also psychological benefits to having lots of good sex, such as boosting one’s confidence and self esteem.

And of course, with the right person, sex is fun and feels so good!

Here are some ways to keep things interesting in the bedroom as a married person:


#1: Show physical affection
Don’t limit the touching to the bedroom. Little gestures, like a goodbye kiss before going to work, holding hands when you are walking together or even the occasional cheeky pat on the butt, are very important in ensuring your partner feels loved. This connection will go a long way in fostering a sense of intimacy in a marriage.

#2: Schedule sex into your calendar
Hear us out, this does not have to be unsexy. Most of us have busy lifestyles and scheduling time for each other will ensure that nothing comes in the way of your private time. Now, it is up to your creativity to turn this into a romantic experience. Go on a date to a romantic restaurant or maybe allocate a weekend morning where you can sleep in together. In the lead-up to your rendezvous, send each other flirty text messages or leave a naughty little gift for your other half. You’ll be raring to go with all that anticipation of what’s to come!


#3: Wear sexy lingerie
Humans are visual creatures and putting on something special, like sexy lingerie is a great way to get the sparks flying. Invest in a few pieces of designer lingerie that will enhance your assets and make you feel good about yourself. We guarantee your partner will notice and reciprocate by showing you his appreciation in the best way possible -wink-

#4: Exercise together
You don’t have to limit your enjoyment of physical activity together to just the bedroom. Why not consider picking up a sport or exercise that both of you enjoy? This will allow you to spend some extra quality time together on an activity that will enhance your health and appearance. Just think about it - both of you in body flattering activewear, muscles glistening with sweat as you stretch, bend, reach, push and pull... We did mention that humans are visually stimulated right?

Feeling inspired? Now go get those sparks flying again! Enjoy!



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