How to Celebrate National Lingerie Day in 4 Fun Ways

Curious about how to celebrate National Lingerie Day? As we go through the different phases of womanhood, we sometimes forget how incredible our bodies are. National Lingerie Day is the perfect reminder that we’re aging gracefully and allow us to look back with gratitude. Lingerie isn’t just a prelude to sex; lingerie is a way of self-expression. It’s a reminder that lingerie is an expression of YOU and what YOU feel comfortable and confident in.

National Lingerie Day was established in the early 2000s to honor the freedom of self-expression through undergarments. Created with modern production methods using delicate fabrics such as silk, lace, chiffon, or lycra, lingerie designs are now not just wearable, but also much more breathable, lightweight, and attractive.

Here are some ways to celebrate National Lingerie Day:

  1. Rediscover some timeless pieces in the back of your drawer.
    Remember that lovely lingerie that you’ve probably only worn once and placed it in the back of your drawer since God knows when? Well, National Lingerie Day is the day for them to shine again!
    Let's Celebrate National Lingerie Day | Avec Amour Lingerie Blog
  2. Treat yourself and shop for some new lingerie that YOU like.
    When was the last time you bought some fresh lingerie for yourself? Now is the perfect time to grab some new thong, bodysuit, or a spicy set if you want to add to your collection. Re-discover the joy of gorgeous lingerie.
    Let's Celebrate National Lingerie Day | Avec Amour Lingerie Blog
  3. Give the gift of lingerie.
    The ideal opportunity to give that special woman in your life a gorgeous set of lingerie. We know how daunting picking lingerie could be, so E-Gift cards are the perfect solution! Let her choose what she really loves.
    Let's Celebrate National Lingerie Day | Avec Amour Lingerie Blog
  4. Get a boudoir shoot done by a professional photographer.
    A new way to embrace your body and appreciate yourself just the way you are. Book in for a boudoir session and enjoy a luxurious photoshoot with some gorgeous lingerie. You’ won’t regret it! -wink-

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