Duskii Swimwear: Make a Splash With This Australian Swimwear Brand

Duskii Swimwear: Make a Splash With This Australian Swimwear Brand - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Just in time for another sizzling summer, Avec Amour is excited to debut Duskii swimwear brand in Hong Kong. Inspired by a combined love of fitness and fashion, the high-performance swimwear is as functional as it is chic.

Hailing from Sydney, the beloved Australian swimwear brand became an overnight success when it launched in 2013. Founders Patreece Botheras and Lucia Plane were clearly onto something with their neoprene swimwear.

Celebrities and models — such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Lea Michele and Karlie Kloss — have been snapping up these smart and stylish suits, donning them on the world’s most fashionable beaches. And now, thanks to Avec Amor, Hongkongers can also dip into the brand’s sophisticated collection.

Using a high-quality neoprene material (wetsuit material) that’s usually reserved for hard-core outrigger activities — think paddle boarding, surfing sailing, and more — Duskii bathing suits are designed with athletic women in mind. Stretchy and flattering, the suits offer thermal comfort, bright colors, sculpted silhouettes and fresh designs.

Built to last, Duskii creates much more than your average bikini. Each Duskii piece makes a statement and makes you feel like a sexy Bond girl. From zip-front bikinis to saucy one-piece suits, the action-oriented bathing suits are not only perfect for the pool, but also ideal for water sports.

Avec Amour is excited to launch this stylish and functional line in Hong Kong, where it’s usually a challenge to find high-quality bathing suits — especially in neoprene and in styles suitable for bigger busted women.

Aimed at women of all sizes and shapes, Duskii offers some alternatives to the usual flimsy triangle tops. While the brand has plenty of petite designs, Duskii also caters to ladies with larger chests incorporating T-back tops, zippers and thicker straps.

The Scarlet Red Oasis T-back one-piece is one of our favorites. It’s a seductive zip-top that will thrive on an action-packed day out on the water. The “Sublime Stretch” neoprene fabric feels sleek and soft, while at the same time, accentuating your curves.

For something a bit cheekier, the Tropical Print Oasis Halter Bikini will sizzle in the sun. This flattering halter bikini keeps things casual and sporty and is suitable for any body type.

Duskii does ultra-feminine style too, just peek at the La Kasbah bustier bikini top. Throwing it back with a retro vibe, the top is structured to support curvy figures, while a zip front adds a hint of glamor that is timeless.

Ready to take the plunge? Stop by Avec Amour to find the perfect swimsuit to accentuate your figure. To see the full Duskii range, visit Avec Amour in person or shop online.



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