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How to Wear Nipple Covers: A Provocative Guide to Pasties

How to Wear Nipple Covers: Your Provocative Guide to Using Pasties

Take your boudoir style to the next level and dial up your pleasure by learning how to wear nipple covers seamlessly. Have more fun and kink by reading about the different ways that you can wear these uber sexy pasties by adding them to your lingerie wardrobe.


If you love the smokin’ hot look of nipplets but don’t quite know how to pull them off, we’ve got your back! Indeed, besides nude silicone pasties, there are many more daring nipplet designs to experiment with and to show off - if you dare. From girly bows to erotic metallic nipplet covers and tassels, the styling options are endless. So, take the next bold step in the world of boudoir lingerie and discover all the sensual and trending ways to rock your pasties.

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1. Style them under sheer mesh clothing
Wondering what to wear underneath your sexy mesh #ootd, sheer bodysuit or low cut top? Take a style cue from cool celebs like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna or Doja Cat and stick on a pair of daring pasties to cover up just your nipples under your clothing. To get heads turning in a good way, make a statement with a geometric pattern like star-shaped or X-shaped pasties from Bijoux Indiscrets.

If you are going out on a hot date, you can consider wearing a cute cropped jacket over your outfit for a sexy peekaboo effect. Who knows what will happen after after-dinner drinks? -wink-

Your Provocative Guide to Wearing Nipple Covers - Avec Amour Blog

2. Layer pasties with lingerie to tease and enhance your curves
In burlesque, the secret to the art of seduction is to wear layers so that you can tease and titillate as you slowly remove each layer. So don’t be afraid to match your nipple covers with chic lingerie such as delicate open or cupless bras or bondage inspired harnesses from brands like Bordelle or Maison Close to create a one-of-a-kind look. It is ultra sexy and the lingerie will also help to visually enhance your curves.

Plus, why not wear your pasties and lingerie with strapless or open back tops, so that some of your bra or harness straps can peek through your clothing. Not only is it ultra stylish, your partner won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.

Your Provocative Guide to Wearing Nipple Covers - Avec Amour Blog3. Wear them on their own in the bedroom 

Take it to the next level by daring to bare and wear only nipplet covers in the bedroom. To help you feel, well, less naked, you can choose more elaborate designs with a bondage twist like chain nipplets by Elf Zhou or tassel pasties by Bijoux Indiscrets. Pair them with ouvert panties (open-crotch panties) or harness briefs or garter suspenders and stockings! We guarantee, this will definitely spice up your… shall we call it… bedroom activity. The rest is up to you!

Your Provocative Guide to Wearing Nipple Covers - Avec Amour Blog

4. Care for your nipplets
Like other pieces of lingerie, your nipple pasties require some tender loving care to keep them in good condition for future use. It is best to follow the exact cleaning instructions that come with your purchase.

However, in general, depending on the material, you should wipe them down with a damp or dry cloth to remove residue or stains or rinse them in warm water and gentle soap. Allow them to dry before storing them away.
If your pastie requires an adhesive, you should remove the tape or adhesive entirely after each wear. You can use the nipplet again with either double sided tape or body glue.

For more sexy nipplet covers and lingerie to spice up your life, visit Avec Amour now.



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