How to Wear a Garter Belt, Suspenders, Stockings, Lingerie Accessories

How to Wear a Garter Belt, Suspenders, Stockings, Lingerie Accessories - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Lingerie doesn't end with underwear and that is why learning how to wear a garter belt, suspender belt, and other lingerie accessories is helpful for achieving a truly sultry look. They may be small but these racy accessories will add plenty of spice to your life. Here’s how to wear them the right way. 

Lingerie Accessories

Ever wondered what’s the difference between sexy lingerie accessories such as suspender belts and garters or stockings and pantyhose? Well, you are not alone. We give you the lowdown on what exactly they are and how to wear them, so you won’t ever get all knotted up in your inner things ever again.

Stockings vs. Pantyhose 

Stockings refer to hosiery that covers the leg all the way up to the thighs while pantyhose, or tights, offer coverage all the way to the waist. Because of the waistband, pantyhose will stay snug on its own, but stockings, which can slip down the thighs are often fastened with suspender belts or garters. 

Suspender Belts vs. Garters

While these two items perform the same function of holding up your stockings, they are worn differently. Garters, which are sometimes called suspender garters, are elastic bands that fit snugly around the upper thighs and are commonly worn by brides under their gowns. They come with clips that can be fastened to stockings so that the latter won’t slip down your legs when you move.

Suspender belts or garter belts (the former is commonly used in the are UK while the latter is used in the USA) are worn around the waist like a belt. They have suspender straps to fasten the stockings to. Getting these to fit comfortably may seem tricky at first, but follow these tips and you’ll be wearing them like a pro in no time at all!

1.    Check that your suspender belt sits comfortably on your waist, not your hips. It should fit as well as a pair of tights would.

2.    If you are wearing your suspender belt under an outfit, like a bodycon dress or pencil skirt, pick a wider belt like the Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Strawberry suspender as it ensures a smoother line under your clothes and minimises stocking movement. However, if your suspender belt is meant to be a part of your boudoir wardrobe, then you’ll want to pick one with a thinner waist band like the Bluebella Nova Suspender Belt, so you can show off a little more skin *wink*


3.    Lengthen the adjustable suspender straps so that they are longer than you normally would wear them. Put on your stockings and clip them to the front straps followed by the back straps.

4.    Stand up and adjust the length of each strap until it sits flat against your thighs - they’re usually shorter in the front and longer at the back.

5.    Now, put on your bottoms, whether they are thongs, ouverts or briefs, over the suspenders. Why? For easier access, of course… when it’s time for the bathroom! Or if you dare, go commando!

Now that we’ve demystified these lingerie accessories for you, it’s time to get your fix of these sexy things at Avec Amour. Happy shopping!



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