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Shop Edge O' Beyond Lingerie Exclusively at Avec Amour

Shop Edge O' Beyond Lingerie Exclusively at Avec Amour - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Indulge your inner goddess and shop Edge O' Beyond lingerie at Avec Amour.

What’s better than sexy lingerie? Lingerie that combines gorgeous, sexy design with exquisite body jewellery of course! Avec Amour is pleased to introduce London-based luxury brand Edge O’ Beyond, which combines exquisite innerwear made from the finest fabrics with delicate handcrafted jewellery for a customizable look on every woman.

Launched in 2013, Edge O’ Beyond combines the founder’s love of both fine lingerie with jewellery to create a design aesthetic that’s certainly one of a kind. All pieces are manufactured in the United Kingdom to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.  Made with luxurious fabrics such as French Leaver’s Lace and bespoke designed embroidery, the garments, which range from a caged strappy bodysuit to romantic bras and cheeky thongs and suspenders ooze sensual burlesque vibes. Plus, many of the pieces also come with highly adjustable straps to allow for a perfect fit no matter what your individual body dimensions are.What makes the brand even more unique is that 24k gold plated rings are hand sewn into each piece to allow handcrafted jewellery to be attached to the lingerie for an uber luxe outfit. The 18k gold plated fine body jewellery pieces include bra and panty chains as well as a necklace-to-bra chain. The combination of luxe lingerie with delicate jewellery is certainly a turn-on when worn alone but you can also wear these pieces with outerwear to create head-turning outfits. For example, the James necklace-to-bra chain rests nicely on the chest and will look lovely with a scoop-neck top or shirt. If you’re wearing a crop top, pair it with the Benjamin triple bra chain that will hug your midsection nicely.

Whatever combination of lingerie and jewellery you choose, your imagination’s the limit. Now, go ahead and allow your inner goddess to express herself confidently through what you wear! Shop Edge o' Beyonds full range here now at Avec Amour Lingerie. 



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