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Should You Wear Lingerie on a Hook Up Date? - What to Wear to Look Hot

Should You Wear Lingerie on a Hook Up Date? - What to Wear to Look Hot

If you're here, you probably just want to know if should you wear lingerie on a hook up date? Keep reading for the answers!


Congratulations! You have scored a date IRL with a cute guy you are really into after exchanging lots of flirty texts just oozing with sexual innuendo.

Should You Wear Lingerie on a Hook Up date? - Dating 101, Lingerie Guide | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie

But now that you have moved to the next step of this budding relationship, there are some new questions popping up.

One of the big questions you probably have is if you should wear lingerie under your date outfit for this new guy?

You may have concerns that wearing lingerie could come across as being too forward. Or would sexy lingerie feel awkward for a casual date, even if you are pretty sure the two of you will hook up if all goes well?

First of all, before you start spiraling with more questions, it is a DEFINITE YES, you should wear lingerie, mostly to feel good about yourself! Take him out of the equation for a moment and consider yourself first. For many women, putting on a set of sexy lingerie gives them a confidence boost and helps them feel more sensual and feminine which shines through on your date.

So, even if your date does not eventually see what you are wearing under your clothes for whatever reason, he will certainly sense those sexy vibes you are rocking while he is with you.

Of course, there are many types of lingerie to choose from. For one of the widest range of lingerie brands and styles available, you have to check out Avec Amour Lingerie is one of your best online resources for inspiration - and they ship worldwide with free delivery!

Now, we will deep dive into the different types of hook up lingerie for different situations so you can dress for your hot date with confidence.
Should You Wear Lingerie on a Hook Up date? - Dating 101, Lingerie Guide | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie
1. A casual date where a hook up is just a maybe

Situation: This could be a first date of coffee or a weekend brunch with someone you met on a dating app. The sparks have been flying via sexy texts so you know that your meet up could possibly lead to a hook up. But a lot depends on whether there is chemistry in real life between the two of you. In a scenario like this, you want to be prepared for sex (if it happens) but you do not want to come across as trying too hard.

What lingerie to wear: You can definitely still wear some sexy lingerie to your date. The trick is to keep it low key so that it serves primarily as a confidence boost for yourself. You can put on a sexy matching bra and thong set that makes you look and feel great about yourself.

Be sure to to do a ‘fit check in the mirror before you put on your clothes, so that you know exactly how hot you look. So if all goes well and the two of you are ready to take it private after your date, you can take your clothes off with confidence. We promise you, he will love your lowkey sexy lingerie and will keep coming back for more.

Pro tip: Most men prefer a thong and you can never go wrong with black. Plus you don’t have to worry about VPL (visible panty lines).

Should You Wear Lingerie on a Hook Up date? - Dating 101, Lingerie Guide | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie
2. Most likely will be a hook up but you don’t want to be too obvious

Situation: Maybe there are plans to have a romantic dinner or “late night drink” at home. Or the two of you have made it clear in your text messages that you will be getting it on. So you know for sure that clothes will be flying off at some point in your date. But at the same time, you do not want to come across as being too forward by changing into a full set of lingerie like a lace robe with a see=through slip or mesh bodysuit. After all, a girl’s still gotta have an air of mystery about her.

What lingerie to wear: Take your pick of lingerie sets that are just a little bit more suggestive but can still be worn under regular clothing. These could include cut-out bras paired with suggestive ouverts (panties with an open rear) or thongs paired with suspenders. All of which still keeps your modesty but amps up the sexy factor.

Want to spice things up even more? Text him a seductive picture of yourself in the lingerie you will be wearing before your date (maybe exclude the face for safety/privacy reasons). This will keep him at the edge of his seat. 

Pro tip: You may want to save more complicated lingerie like corsets, basques (a long form bra down to the hips that shapes the body) or even bodysuits for when you are both more familiar with each other. Why? These can be more difficult to get off in the heat of the moment and can sometimes leave marks on the body due to the boning in the pieces if you wear them for too long.

Should You Wear Lingerie on a Hook Up date? - Dating 101, Lingerie Guide | Avec Amour Sexy Lingerie3. You want to build high sexual tension before having sex

Situation: The plan is to Netflix and chill -wink- Or you already have a rendezvous planned or its obvious that you guys are into more BDSM. Now, your goal is to amp it up and to build as much sexual tension as you can before the deed.

There are many ways to achieve this goal. Sending each other seductive text messages is a great start. But you will want to keep this heat burning when you meet in person so that when you finally start ripping each other’s clothes off, it will possibly be even better than you imagined.

What lingerie to wear: Give him a steamy hint of what is to come with lingerie and hosiery that he can see. For example, wear sheer, silky stockings with a sexy suspender or pencil skirt. It will give him the opportunity to mentally remove your stockings for you - before he does it in real life.

If you are in the mood for some bedroom games, wear a BDSM inspired harness or body jewellery. You can wear this either over your clothes or under them. You can pick designs that show around your neck like a choker or runs down your cleavage. It will get your partner excited for what is to come later on.

Pro tip: Wear hold up stockings that come with elastic or silicone bands around each leg as these are easier to remove and do not need to be held in place with a suspender garter belt.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of lingerie you wear to a date, there is no need to feel embarrassed or self conscious about it. Wearing something special will empower you to feel more confident and sexier. And your date will not only appreciate the effort but will pay it back in kind… making your hook up turn out a whole lot more satisfying for both of you!

Need more inspirational ideas? Check out the vast online sexy lingerie here that’s to suit any body for any occasion.  Enjoy!



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