Suspenders & Garter Belts: The must-have sexy accessory to add to your lingerie wardrobe

Suspenders & Garter Belts: The must-have sexy accessory to add to your lingerie wardrobe

Relight the spark and turn up the heat with the latest suspender and garter designs that flatter and enhance your curves.

From chic bodysuits to sexy cut-out bras and sensual harnesses, there are many options to choose from when it comes to wearing lingerie these days that enhances your sexy style and boost your confidence at the same time. Now, consider adding suspenders and garters to your lingerie wardrobe too.

Suspenders & Garters | Sexy Lingerie Blog

Do you have to wear stockings with suspenders?

Traditionally, suspenders and garters were meant for holding up hosiery but were difficult to put on and undo. These days, the latest designs are more comfortable and are engineered for ease of wear with stockings and other hosiery. In fact, for those who simply like the curve-enhancing look of suspenders and garters, there are even gorgeous sexy designs that can be worn as a statement piece and to add a touch of spice to your look without pantyhose or stockings.

Suspenders & Garters | Sexy Lingerie Blog

What’s the difference between Suspenders and Garters?

Suspenders and Garter Belts are essentially the same as they both typically are worn around the waist with straps hanging down to hold up stockings. However these days they are interchangeable and there are so many alternative style designs and stunning variations that can be worn with or without stockings, or have additional and sometimes detachable harnesses, straps, cuffs, chokers and more to style up your look.

Here is Avec Amour’s guide to the different styles of suspenders and garters to rock.

Suspenders & Garters | Sexy Lingerie Blog

Suspenders or Garter Belts

Even if you prefer not to wear hosiery, there are suspender and garter belts designs that you can still wear on its own for visual impact and to flatter your curves. Look out for designs with intricate straps that criss-cross your waist, hips and thighs. These styles of cage-like designs are a great way to enhance the silhouette of your hips and thighs and elongate the legs to flatter and emphasise your hourglass shape.  

Suspenders & Garters | Sexy Lingerie Blog

Garters or Garter Suspenders

You might already be familiar with garters or garter suspenders, which are commonly worn by brides under their wedding gown. Unlike typical suspenders or garter belts which are worn around the waist or hips, garter suspenders are strapped around just the thighs and have clips to hold up pull-up stockings in place (or not). Besides offering a more minimalist look, this style of garters can also feel more comfortable as you will not have a suspender belt and stocking clips digging into your sides or showing through your outfit. 

Try these and you might just discover a newfound love for wearing sexy stockings! 

Suspenders & Garters | Sexy Lingerie Blog

Suspenders with body harness

For some truly innovative lingerie designs, check out suspenders that are actually a part of a body harness. There are many options available for such two-in-one lingerie, ranging from minimalist straps that form delicate lines at strategic parts of the body such as the waist and neck to bondage-inspired pieces with elasticised banding to sculpt your curves. Many designs are also detachable so you can decide how to style your look. What’s great about these designs is that they are very versatile and can be worn under clothing almost like body jewellery so that some parts, such as the neck choker, compliments your outfit. Wear this in the bedroom or as a fashion accessory - it is entirely up to you.

Suspenders & Garters | Sexy Lingerie Blog

Suspender briefs

Another two-in-one design we love are suspenders that double up as briefs as well. These pieces, which sometimes come with detachable suspenders, are much more comfortable to wear as you won’t have an additional layer of a suspender belt over your panties or worry about both pieces matching each other. All you need to do is decide how daring you would like to be. Some open brief garters are little more than ouvert-style sexy straps and wisps of lace that leave little to the imagination while others may come with bikini style briefs. Enjoy!   

Suspenders & Garters | Sexy Lingerie Blog

Suspenders with attached wrist cuffs

For the daring ones who wish to give their partner a racy surprise, look out for suspenders that come with matching wrist cuffs. Oh yes, some of these sexy cuffs can even be attached to the suspenders - and removed at your pleasure. We’ll leave you to let your imagination run wild. 

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