5 Qualities of an Empowered Woman: How to Be Sexy and Independent

5 Qualities of an Empowered Woman: How to Be Sexy and Independent - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

There are 5 qualities of an empowered woman. Live your life with confidence and don’t be afraid to be your own woman! 


It’s 2021 and we’ve long left the era of the submissive female behind (unless you’re - ahem - role playing in private). So, own your femininity and live fearlessly as your own woman. These five traits are attributes of a sexy, independent and empowered individual that other women admire and men find irresistible. How many of these characteristics do you identify with?

#1: You have your own interests and hobbies
Being a supportive partner doesn’t mean you have to tag along with your guy all the time. Instead, you have your own personal hobbies that you devote your energy to - even if it means having to spend precious time apart. After all, it’s the quality time that truly counts. Plus, exploring your personal pursuits will give you room to grow as an individual, which the right guy will recognise and appreciate you for.

#2: You’re passionate about things that matter
Don’t keep your passions - whether they are for a charitable cause or a personal interest - under wraps. Embrace whatever it is that lights your inner fire and be sure to participate in it. You’ll find yourself energized and more involved with the world around you, which makes you all the more unique and interesting as a person.

#3: You have ambition
It might seem surprising to some, but there are still women (and men) who believe that ambition is a positive trait only in men. Well, don’t be one of those people. An independent and empowered woman is proud of what she has achieved in her career. She has goals, both big and small, will work tirelessly to achieve them and celebrates these milestones when she gets there. Which leads us to the next point...

#4: Your credit cards work
Never underestimate the importance of financial independence! Sure it’s nice to receive gifts and be treated to nice meals and cocktails on a date. But nothing beats being empowered financially so you know you can afford to take care of yourself. It also means you have the ability to treat yourself - and your man - to indulgences like sexy designer lingerie, whenever you feel like it!

#5: You do not apologise for who you are - flaws and all
Love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Nobody’s perfect and it’s more important to know how to make the best of your assets, whether they’re shapely shoulders, a sexy back or slim legs. Don’t forget to practice a little #selfcare too because when you feel great from the inside out, it will show in your entire being.

We hope this inspires you as much as it inspires us. Now, go out there and live your sexiest, most confident and empowered life! 



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