What to Wear When Staying Home: Social Distancing Dress Code

What to Wear When Staying Home: The Social Distancing Dress Code - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Wondering what to wear when staying home? Staying in certainly does not have to be boring. This is how you can look and feel gorgeous even if you have nowhere to go.

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing many of us to work from home and to refrain from attending social activities. However, even though we have to stay in more frequently, it does not have to be boring.
Instead of feeling miserable in an overstretched old t-shirt and stained track pants, make the effort to wear gorgeous lingerie and accessories. You will feel beautiful, fabulous and ready to indulge in a good time with your other half. Here are Avec Amour’s suggestions on how to spice up your time at home.

1. Wear stylish loungewear by day
Being comfortable does not mean looking sloppy. Elevate your stay-at-home look with chic lounge sets like the Eberjey Lila Cami and Slim Pants which are sexy and comfortable at the same time. Or exude some old school Hollywood glamour by wearing a silky, luxurious robe - you don’t even have to wear anything underneath if you don’t want to!

If you are working from home and have to go on conference calls, you can easily look work-appropriate in a sexy bodysuit by wearing a blazer and your bottom of choice over it.

2. Accessorise with jewellery
You do not have to wait for a special occasion just to put on nice accessories. Nothing is stopping you from wearing your favourite jewellery to lift your mood! For example, a subtle yet suggestive piece like the Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Tickler Pendant will surely catch your significant other’s attention.
In the evening, statement jewellery like the Maze Tassel Choker or the Desir Metallique Gold Collar will surely put you in the mood for some bedroom fun.

3. Turn up the heat with very sexy lingerie
There is no better time to create your own “home entertainment” by being adventurous in your choice of lingerie. From lacy lingerie to curve enhancing bodysuits and sexy ouverts and thongs, there are plenty of options to try. If you are feeling frisky, one of our favourite types of lingerie are cupless bras, which are extremely flattering as they actually enhance the appearance of your boobs. Many brands on Avec Amour, including Elf Zhou and Kisskill have ultra-sexy options for you to consider. Other provocative options include the Bluebella Emilia Black Bra or Atelier Amour’s Nommee Desir Open Bra. 

4. Use props in the bedroom
Turn off Netflix and spend quality time with your other half instead. This is the perfect time to get to know each other better - in the bedroom. Turn up the heat with titillating props like cuffs, paddles and blindfolds. The silky sensual handcuffs by Bijoux Indiscrets are especially versatile as they can be used to tie things up, in any way that strikes your imagination. It’s time to get creative.

5. Scratch that itch on your own
Even if you are single and have been deprived of dating for the time being, there is no need to remain frustrated while you are alone at home. Ladies, self-pleasure with personal vibrators and massagers is your solution in these times of social distancing. The Smile Makers range of vibrators and lubricants are designed in fun, feminine shapes that meet the strictest safety and quality standards. There is also Dorcel’s stylish looking Discreet Pleasure Bullet Stimulator, that comes with 10 different vibration modes for your experimentation. Enjoy!

We hope these ideas help to make things more interesting during these stay-at-home days and nights. For more steamy inspiration, head over to Avec Amour to browse our curated selection of sexy lingerie and accessories now!



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