How to Style a Lingerie Harness: 3 Ways to Wear Sexy Body Harnesses

How to Style a Lingerie Harness: 3 Ways to Wear Sexy Body Harnesses - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Stay fashion forward by learning how to style a lingerie harness. It is a sensual yet versatile piece that looks set to be the next must-have for your lingerie collection. We have listed 3 different ways that you can wear your body harness.


If you think that harnesses are meant to be kept under wraps, think again. This trendy lingerie is one of this season’s bestsellers and is loved by both women and men (Hint: Guys, this is a great surprise gift for your other half!). It’s not difficult to see why. Think of these sultry lingerie harnesses as the equivalent to a statement accessory or stand-out jewellery. They’re undeniably sensuous yet sophisticated and are an effortless way to spice up your wardrobe. Here’s how you can make the most out of the sexiest undergarment of the moment.

#1: In the bedroom, of course

It’s amazing what the body flattering lines of a harness can to do accentuate your curves - put one on and you’ll know what we mean. Va va voom pieces like Bordelle’s Harnesses are made for you and your partner’s viewing pleasure in the privacy of your bedroom so you don’t even have to think very hard about what clothes to pair them with. Throw on a sexy kimono-style robe over your harness and simply wait for your other half to discover a sizzling surprise. Is it just us or is it getting hot in here?

#2: Under your clothing

You can wear your harness while you are out and about too. Some pieces, like the Maison Close Les Romantiques Jet Pearls Harness come with a bejeweled neck piece that looks just like a stylish choker when worn under your clothing. For something a little more streamlined, check out the Bluebella Emerson Lace and Mesh Harness Brief. These pieces are a chic accessory when worn with a crisp collared shirt or if you are more adventurous, put them on then under an off-shoulder top or draped halter top on a date or a big night out. 

#3: As body jewellery

Harnesses can be worn as body jewellery too. One of the most popular styles which are always flying off the shelves at Avec Amour are the jewellery-inspired harnesses by xxx brand. Made with gold or silver metallic mesh and delicate chains, these stunning pieces can certainly double up as feminine body chains to be worn over your outfit to cocktail parties and after-hours soirees.

Or if you prefer a tough girl look, leather harnesses such as the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze H Harness or the Bordelle Art Deco Harness will dress up even the simplest tube top or t-shirt dress. For a more fashion forward outfit, try them with flowing dresses to add edge to your outfit’s ladylike vibes.

With so many ways to show off a harness, it’s time to pick your favourite at Avec Amour before they’re sold out again!



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