How to Wear Pajamas Outside: 4 Ways to Style Them

How to Wear Pajamas Outside: 4 Trendy Ways to Style PJs as Outerwear - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

If you’ve always wondered how to wear pajamas outside while still looking stylish, then you are not alone. But while this understated sexy trend might sound chic, it can be a challenge to pull off. So, take some sartorial cues from some of the most stylish celebrities around to nail this trend.

Here are four ways to style up your sleepwear to ensure you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.


1. Pick a presentable set 

If you’ve had your jammies for years and they’re starting to look a little too worn, it is best to leave them at home. The secret to wearing PJs out of your bedroom is to put on a fresh pair that’s neatly pressed. Darker hues such as navy blue or black look more formal while a slight satiny sheen adds a touch of daytime glamour. You can also pick pieces with quirky yet grown-up prints like polka dots or tiny stars - but nothing overly cutesy like teddy bears or cartoons.   

2. Wear just the pyjama top

Ease yourself into this trend by tucking a pyjama top into skinny jeans, like Hollywood starlet Zoe Saldana, for a more streamlined silhouette. Pick PJs with a trendy print, like the whimsical celestial star pattern of the Bluebella Celeste Shirt and Trouser Set, to add visual detail to your look. Put on a pair of vibrant heels for a pop of colour and you’re ready to stride into your office for a busy (yet comfortable) day of work.

3. Dial up the glamour

Ready to rock the full look yet? Check out singer Selena Gomez, who smartly vamps up her night-to-day get-up with a liberal dose of daring red lipstick - matching red heels for added effect. A semi-fitted pair of pyjamas, like the Bluebella Claudia Shirt and Trouser Set, keeps you looking and feeling relaxed, without being sloppy.

4. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Style blogger Chiara Ferragni gets it right again with her take on this trend. She dresses up her matching PJ set by layering on jewellery. At the same time, Ferragni keeps it classy by sticking to minimalist pieces, such as delicate chains and rings with clean, graphic details. You can also belt up your top with a satin ribbon or braided belt for a more defined silhouette.

For more stylish pyjamas that will elevate your look both inside and outside the bedroom, check out what else we have in store at Avec Amour.  



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