What Your Bra-Wearing Style Says About Your Personality: Top 4 Styles

What Your Bra-Wearing Style Says About Your Personality: Top 4 Styles - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Want to know what your bra-wearing style says about your personality? Ladies, take a moment to recall how you put on your bra this morning. While you might have always thought of it as a utilitarian action that is necessary for getting dressed, the experts say there are actually four very different ways to put on a bra. 

Even more interesting, each method of bra wearing — for example, do you fasten it from the back or prefer a front clasp — actually reveals interesting secrets about your personality. Patti Wood, a human behaviour expert, says, "There are four distinct personality types—drivers, influencers, supporters, and careful correctors—who tend to have very unique ways of doing things, even small tasks."

This means that something mundane, like they way you wear your lingerie, could actually offer insights into the kind of person you are. Knowing this might just provide guidance so you can handle tricky situations with confidence in the future. Read on to find out what your sexy bra says about you.

#1: You reach around your back to fasten your back clasp bra
Your personality type: Supporter
Friendly, nurturing and the kind of person that your friends and family always relies on, you are everybody’s best female friend. You tend to have a preference for upholding traditions, which is why you wear your back clasp bra this way - this is what your mum taught you after all. As Miss Trustworthy, your diary is probably filled with social obligations like baby showers, class reunions, wedding parties… you get the idea. But don’t forget to schedule in some me-time to show yourself some self love too!


Wear: The gorgeous blush-toned Stella McCartney Cherie Sneezing Contour Balconette Bra offers as much support for your girls as you show towards the people in your life.


#2: You hook your bra at the front before rotating it to the back
Your personality type: Influencer
Thanks to your creativity and upbeat personality, you possess that X factor that makes you an inspiring person that others love to love. You gravitate towards sexy, statement making lingerie that makes you look good and feel good. This is why you make sure you clasp your bra from the front before adjusting it to the back to ensure every single seam sits nicely on your skin. Influencers tend to be ruled by their emotions, so the next time you notice an escalating situation, take a deep breath and a short break before returning to solve your issue calmly.


Wear: Try a non-wire bra like the sweet yet sensual Bluebella Jamie Bra as it is easier to turn it around to the back without boning that could poke into your skin.


#3: You wear a front-clasping bra
Your personality type: Driver
As the term implies, YOU are the boss and you like to get things done quickly and on your own terms. That is why you only wear front clasp bras. After all, they are so easy to put on and the front clasp helps to create a subtle “push-up” effect to boost your assets effortlessly. With your take charge attitude, you have certainly achieved a lot in your life, but do also remember that sometimes, taking a softer approach can reap results too.


Wear: The alluring front-closing Heidi Klum Made in Eden Demi Wire Bra is made with comfortable cottony lace and comes with adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

#4: You hook your bra once and wear it every day by pulling it over your head
Your personality type: Careful corrector
Ultra-organised and always prepared, you are known to be the problem solver, even for the trickiest of situations. This is why whenever you get a new bra, you put it on once to hook it in place and adjust the straps to their perfect fit. After that, all you need to do is to shimmy in and out (like a sports bra) without having to make adjustments each time you wear it. Being the reliable Miss Fix-It is fantastic but do make some room in your life for spontaneous activities like unplanned dinners or last minute holidays. You never know what adventures await you around the corner!

Wear: Instead of stretching out the elastic on a regular hook-closure bra by pulling it over your torso each time you wear it, check out the Eberjey Bralette. Its feminine, sheer floral lace is prettier than regular sports bras and it can be easily worn by pulling it over your head.


How well does your personality match up with the way you wear your bra? No matter what’s your style, there’s definitely a bra that meets all your needs on Avec Amour, your go-to online shop for all lingerie, sleepwear, designer brands and many more. Happy shopping!



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