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Why Is Lingerie Expensive? - A Guide to Luxury Undergarments

Why Is Lingerie Expensive? - A Guide to Luxury Undergarments - Avec Amour Lingerie Boutique

Have you ever wondered why is lingerie expensive? Sexy lingerie looks like tiny scraps of fabric, so why do they cost so much? 

Say the term “investment piece” and chances are, designer handbags, luxury watches and expensive shoes come to mind. But less would consider lingerie an investment, even though this is in fact the foundation to everything you wear. After all, these are just tiny scraps of fabric, so why should they be so expensive?

But, just think for a moment. All women have gone through cheap bras that honestly don’t last for more than a handful of wears before they go out of shape. Many of these budget buys don’t even fit well to begin with so you’re constantly readjusting your bra. They are often made of cheap materials that are not breathable, causing you to itch or sweat when you wear them. They end up being tossed in a drawer after just a few wears and when you finally take them out again, you realise the fabric has faded, broken down and lost its elasticity. Not only is this frustrating, it will eventually cost you MORE to go through cheap, disposable bras compared to investing money in a few good quality bras that you can wear over and over again.

While a bra, thong or panty is indeed a tiny item that comprises just a wee amount of fabric, there is in fact a lot of design effort that goes into constructing it to ensure that it supports you, holds everything in and still look amazing. After all, you’re expecting your lingerie to do the same body contouring and supportive job as a skintight Herve Leger dress - now that’s a tall task! Plus, besides the extensive research and development that goes into constructing a flattering and supporting piece of designer lingerie, there’s also the design element that goes into creating a fashionable, one-of-a-kind piece that looks stylish and unique when you wear it.

Designer lingerie labels (like those available on Avec Amour!) also pay a lot of attention to the type of materials used in the making of their pieces. Textiles like delicate eyelash lace or luxurious hand-embroidered fabrics are undoubtedly pricey. Modern performance fabrics used in lingerie such as elastic and breathable materials also require plenty of R&D to ensure they look and feel luxurious. Additionally, don’t forget that it requires intricate craftsmanship to assemble all these delicate pieces into the final, amazing product.

Once you start wearing investment-worthy lingerie on a daily basis, that’s when you will really start to notice the difference. These pieces which are made of premium durable materials will amazingly keep their shape and won’t fade or disintegrate even with repeated wear and exposure to body heat and sweat. You will notice how these well-made pieces support and boost your assets - and feel ultra-comfortable to wear even on the longest days out. Best of all, they will actually last you years, sometimes even a lifetime! Now, that’s what we consider investment-worthy!



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