Coco de Mer

Marella Open Playsuit (Red)

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 The Marella Open Playsuit (Red) is a beautifully asymmetrical creation that embodies the luxurious and alluring essence of erotic elegance. Its open silhouette showcases your natural assets, while the delicate lace scallops gracefully drape over the body, starting from the left shoulder and leading to a freeing open knicker, all adorned with silk elements.

Every aspect of this playsuit has been meticulously crafted, including the leg straps and shoulder straps that can be adjusted to your preference. Finally, the playfully golden sliders and clasp add a touch of opulence to this exquisite piece.

Fitting Guidance:

Begin by stepping into the open knicker and then place the centre panels around your waist and fasten at the left side with the gold clasp. 

Then place the top section of the Playsuit over your head, with the straps on the right hand side and fasten them in place at the back with the golden swan hook. 

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