Bunny Girl Role Play Costume

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Bunny Girl - the eternal sexy byword
Take a look and you would fall for it.
A full set of clothing to spice your sexiness up.
Detailed workmanship to make your more comfy.

Uses super stretch fabric, making it soft and light.
The side splicing and briefs design help shape the body and elongate the legs.
The wireless U-shape design keeps your upper posture straight comfortably.
Easier to wear with the buckled crotch and sexier outlook with the exposed buttocks.
The backless design fully shows up your feminine charm and body curve.
Bunny-ear Headwear
The ultimate definition for cuteness and vitality.

Refined fitting style with a satin finish.
Satin and sheen in finish, stereo and fitting in style.
Adjustable Suspender Tights with Straps and Waistband
Adjustable straps for multiple body types, which optimizes the waist-to-hip ratio and doubles the sexiness.
Adjustable back buckle to wear the rabbit tail and elastic leg suspenders for personalized comfort.
The switch of cuteness and sexiness, the duet of hotness and charm.

Lace: spandex 12%, nylon 88%
Binding: spandex 40%, nylon 60%
Elastic band: polyester 85.5%, elastodiene fibre 14.5%
Collar: Polyester 100%
Tail: Rex Rabbit Fur
Bunny-ear headwear: faux leather

Bunny-ear headwear:
Height: 11.81 inches
Width: 4.33 inches

Size: S
Underbust: 27.56 inches- 31.5 inches
Waist: 23.6 inches-31.5 inches
Waist belt adjustable:23.6 inches-29.53 inches

Size: M
Underbust: 29.53 inches- 33.46 inches
Waist: 25.6 inches-33.46 inches
Waist belt adjustable:26 inches-32.28 inches

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