Over the Door Hand Restraints

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To make the private space a training scene

It simulates the X-shape bracket binding and ties the hands and feet together while standing, bringing a full-on gameplay with stimulating visual impact.
The bondage is upgraded to two layers and is more stable, and the velvet material at the wrist is thickened and is more skin-friendly. Please feel relieved to use.
The hands and feet are tied and placed separately, and the length and tightness can be adjusted freely, suitable for multiple body types and gameplay scenarios.

To set the mood and spice the atmosphere
To embark on a fire-new sexual experience
The four limbs unable to break free at all
Imagine this like that you’ve seen in a movie
Passionate touch, eager interaction
Physical exposure, restrained teasing, uncontrollable desire
The wildest fantasy is no longer limited by space and time.
In the bedroom or office, close the door and a new and fun experience awaits.

We suggest you to use it in wooden and iron security doors, and do not use it in glass doors.

Polyester, zinc alloy

Length: 7.87-12.6inches
Circumference: 6.3-9.45inches

For the health and safety of our customers, this item is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

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