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Sexy Plus Size Lingerie Tips to Look and Feel Your Best in the Bedroom

Sexy Plus-Size Lingerie Tips to Look and Feel Your Best in the Bedroom

Here’s a hot hack - embrace and flaunt those gorgeous curves you are lucky to be endowed with by following these sexy plus size lingerie tips! 

Lingerie shopping can be intimidating for many people no matter what size you are, especially as not many brands offer a wide range of size-inclusive choices. But not to worry, there are still many options for curvy women to explore to find the right pieces that will not only enhance your assets but give you a confidence boost too. After all, with all your natural curves, it won’t take much to get pulses racing! Here are some of our favorite styling tips to ensure you look sizzling hot in your lingerie.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie - Styling Tips | Avec Amour Lingerie Blog

Mix and match your lingerie
We understand that not every brand produces a wide range of lingerie sizes to fit a diverse range of body shapes. But don’t get discouraged just because you cannot find one brand that fits you from head to toe. Instead, experiment with different brands to curate a capsule collection of lingerie pieces that suits you, from bras and panties to teddies, slips and basques and don’t forget about accessories like harnesses.

As long as you keep to a similar color family - most brands will have sexy lingerie in classic colors like white, red, nude and black - you can easily mix and match your pieces to create a look you will feel comfortable and sensuous in.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie - Styling Tips | Avec Amour Lingerie Blog

Get creative with layering
If you are self conscious with a particular part of your body (which would be most of us), you can choose lingerie that will draw attention to other body parts instead. For example, if you are not so comfortable showing off your abdomen but love your generous bosom, wear a low cut slip or a mesh skirt with a delicate and cleavage revealing bra.

Layering a sexy lingerie set with a kimono or a see-through slip or even a BDSM inspired harnesses can also elevate not only your look but confidence and sensual mood. With a bit of experimenting and creativity, you will quickly find out how to layer your lingerie plus it adds a little more play & excitement factor when you slowly take off layer by layer.

No matter what you choose, in all honesty you have to know that your partner is simply excited to be spending intimate time with you. You’d be surprised that in most cases, the area we’re most self-conscious about is exactly the area your partner loves.

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Sexy Plus Size Lingerie - Styling Tips | Avec Amour Lingerie Blog

Enhance your silhouette with the right pieces
To further enhance the appearance of an hourglass silhouette, there are little tricks to the eye that you can use, like some lingerie pieces that sits on the waist or have a lower cut bust. For example, Bluebella’s Marseille suspender emphasizes the waist while its lacy floral panels offer sheer coverage at the tummy, which tends to be a spot where many women (of all sizes) feel self-conscious about. Or Brigette Body where there are panels to emphasize an hourglass shape.

Or look for a chic bondage style bodysuit where the straps are strategically positioned to hug your waist and accentuate your other curves for an enhanced shape!

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie - Styling Tips | Avec Amour Lingerie Blog

Wear accessories for additional glamour
From Body Harnesses and Stockings to body chains and Leather Accessories, there are many free-sized accessories you can use to dial up the heat. These can easily be worn with or over your favorite set of lingerie to change up your look. In fact, imagine wearing stockings or body jewelry on a date, to give your other half a tantalizing preview of what lies beneath!

Of course, it also does not hurt to keep your bedside table well stocked with interesting accessories such as feathered fans, paddles and whips that you can use to indulge in some play.

Most of all, remember to embrace yourself as you are and wear your lingerie with confidence. Looking the part can make you feel the part. Now that is truly sexy!

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